frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about NOTW Artist Network. If you have any other questions about the Artist Network, you may email us at
1. Do I have to submit a design to be a member?

Nope! If you're not an artist, no problem! You can comment on all design submissions to help us choose which ones get printed.
2. What happens if my design is chosen to be printed?

You get a one time $300 cash prize. If your designs sells well and NOTW decides to sell it to other retailers, you'll also get a bonus of $200!
3. How are the designs chosen?

Here's some of the other things we look at:

• Does the design glorify God?
• Will it print well?
• Have similar designs done well on in the past?
• Is the message clear?
• Do we have too many similar concepts?
• Is the cost to print feasible?
4. How many designs can I submit?

As many as you want! There are no limits.
5. When will I know if my design was chosen?

Artists are notified by the 3rd Friday of the month following when the design was submitted (e.g. designs submitted in January will notified by the 3rd Friday in February). If you weren't notified by then, your design wasn't selected.
6. Is there a deadline for my submission?

Nope! This is an ongoing program. We will always be accepting submissions. The only time there is a deadline, is for contests we run. Each contest will specify a deadline to enter by.
7. How do I submit my design?

First, you need to create an account or login using your existing account.
8. How can I create a design?

To create your design, you'll need a professional design program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. You'll also need to download our submit kit. For more information, please visit our Tools page.
9. I don't have a design, can I submit an idea for a t-shirt?

At this time, we can only accept completed design submissions.
10. Can I use the NOTW logo in my design?

Because NOTW is a copyrighted trademark, it cannot be used in your artwork.
11. Will my design be changed in any way before it's printed?

If your design is chosen for print and is made into a t-shirt, our production team may need to slightly modify the design in order to meet production standards.
12. Can I specify the type of material, stitching, or other details for the t-shirt?

Nope. In order to keep the t-shirts affordable, we will be printing designs on our basic/premium t-shirt blanks.
13. If my T-shirt doesn't get chosen, can I resubmit it?

Yes. If you decide to, please consider what changes can be made to make that design better. There's always room for improvement!
14. Can I submit the same design in multiple color variations?

Yes. We like to see your ideas of different color ways. However, it must be the same design.
15. Can I post the same design as a guys and girls t-shirt?

Yes. However, we prefer that they are not on the same submission. Creating 2 different submissions will help ensure accurate voting.
16. Can I submit a design through the mail or at a store?

No. All submissions must be sent in through the website.
17. After I submit my design, can I change it?

At this time, designs cannot be edited after being posted on the website.
18. Does my design need to be on a t-shirt?

Yes. Please submit your designs on a t-shirt so we know your ideas on the design's placement.

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