Create your art

Create a design that glorifies God — be creative!

  • Design your t-shirt at a high resolution, 300dpi (does not apply to Illustrator/vector artwork).
  • There's a size limit for artwork.     Guys: 15.5" wide x 19" high     Girls: 10" wide x 18" high
  • Do not stretch your artwork. If it's pixelated, we won't accept it.
  • Pick any solid color for your t-shirt. We'll do our best to match the color of the t-shirt if it goes to print.

Submit your art

This is how to submit a smaller version of your art for everyone to see online. Save and hold onto your orginal full-sized art.

  • Download the submit kit. Unzip it and review it's contents.
  • You will need to make two images: a 200x200 pixel thumbnail, and a 1440x840 pixel image.
  • Only .JPG and .PNG files will be accepted.
  • All images need to be at 72 DPI resolution.
  • Do not use spaces between words or special characters when naming your files.