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Announcement - 2/18/2014

Important Announcement

Hey Artists, we wanted to inform you of some new executive decisions made regarding Canvas Threads. Hopefully most of you like the changes.

Canvas will be rebranded as NOTW
Canvas as a brand will go away, but will exist under the brand NOTW. The company decided to put all our energy on building one brand, instead of spreading ourselves thin and trying to promote several separate brands. If you’ve noticed, C28 has also been rebranded as NOTW. Most of the features offered on Canvas will still exist, and so will the site.

There will no longer be forums
Over the years we’ve seen how the forums were used in a way that was never intended by us. Oftentimes, the forums have deviated from the goal of glorifying God and helping our artists create for the Creator. There are plenty of other social channels to utilize. We are narrowing the focus of what we do here.

The voting feature will be gone
At the start of Canvas, we had every intention of letting the voting system pick Canvas winners. However, we saw that there was very little correlation between vote score and customer demand. So instead of keeping the voting system, which has little influence on winners being picked and often has our artists perplexed when they get a high score and their design isn’t picked, we’ll do away with it.

Compensation will now be $300 cash prize
The royalties have been confusing for artists and for our accounting department. There are many questions and inquiries that arise when trying to keep up with a royalty system. Initially, we wanted to pay out based on the performance of the t-shirt. However, we have seen a host of issues with this format. We’re going back to a one time payout, which our artists have always preferred. Those who have t-shirts receiving royalties will continue to receive royalties, but starting March 1st, 2014, all submissions will enter into the new payout method. Contest - 2/11/2014 Contest is coming to you for an awesome t-shirt design!

What is It's an online community created specifically for Christian singles looking to meet other Christians who share the same values and love for God in Christ. Why is Christian Mingle coming to Canvas Threads? Because they've seen your work, and love it. They love all the amazing work that comes out of this community and want a creative t-shirt of their own!

Your challenge is to design a t-shirt for

The t-shirt can directly or indirectly reflect what the company is about. The design should be creative, modern, and cool--something people would want to where wherever they go! It can be abstract, portray a concept, or communicate a message; you have a lot of creative liberty! You may include the logo, or come up with your own! You may also include the NOTW logo. Click here to the download high-res logos.

One grand prize winner will receive a $400 cash prize! Two runner-ups will receive a $100 cash prize!

These tees won't be sold on, so they will not qualify for royalties. This contest ends March 4th, 2014.


Bold Contest - 1/4/2014

Bold Contest

They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness. Acts 4:31

Clearly, the Bible sets boldness as a virtue that we all should aspire to. When it comes to sharing God's word, we need to be bold without worrying about negative or painful consequences. There's no time to beat around the bush or sugar-coat the message which most concerns the eternal existence of our souls. Share the truth for Christ and let the chips fall where they may. There's nothing kind or loving about quietly letting someone continue on a path that will destroy them.

"If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay...let not one go unwarned and unprayed for." - Charles H. Spurgeon

Your challenge is to design a t-shirt that shares a bold message.

Keep in mind, there is a balance here. On one hand, we're to be courageous and bold in sharing the truth. On the other, we're to do so in a spirit of meekness, not being brash and offensive for the sake of being offensive. The point is to reach out to lost souls and/or exhort our fellow Christians.

The winners of this contest will receive a $300 cash prize! Winning tees will not qualify for royalties. The contest ends February 10th, 2014.


Minimalist Contest - 9/18/2013

Minimalist Contest

Less is more.

This contest challenges Canvas Artists to communicate a profound biblical truth as simply as possible, using the minimalist design style! A minimalist design is a simple design stripped down to only its essential elements. The idea is to communicate as much possible with as little as possible -- doing more with less. Google "minimalist graphic design" for examples of this design style.

Your challenge is to create a tee design that is minimal in appearance but deep in meaning.

Winners will get:
• $100 gift certificate to
• Ongoing royalties

Contest ends October 10th, 2013! Start submitting today!


JUCE TV Logo Contest - 8/27/2013

JUCE TV Logo Design Contest

JUCE TV is looking for a new logo and you may be the one to design it!

JUCE TV (formerly JCTV) is a Christian youth network designed for the 13-30 age group, and contains programming that is not only entertaining but also builds up the viewer both individually and together as a community. JUCE features music videos, exclusive concerts, extreme sports and some of the best faith-based programs available.

Your challenge is to create an awesome logo for JUCE TV, with the tagline "Power Up" (or get creative and think of an alternative tagline)

One winner of this contest will receive a $500 cash prize! But not only that! The winner will also be interviewed on JUCE TV! No tees will be made for this logo design, so we're making the prize well worth it!

Contest ends Sept 8th, 2013! Time is ticking! "Power up" and start submitting today!


Pop-Culture Contest: Reloaded - 7/11/2013

Pop-Culture Contest: Reloaded

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and great ideas with this contest when we last ran it, so here it is again! Your challenge is to design a t-shirt that speaks to the culture in topics and themes that catch their interest. Find inspiration in movies, tv, music, products, current events, and whatever else people might be passionate about.

Design a pop-culture tee that glorifies God.

Winners will get:
• $100 gift certificate to
• Ongoing royalties

Please be careful not to use copyrighted material in your artwork. The last day to submit your design is August 8, 2013.