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As the Lord declares, I am the DOOR If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. If we only accept God and let HIM enter in our lives everything we aim, dream of and pray for will all be given to us, as far as salvation and eternal life are concerned. So, let Jesus Christ enter in your life...Accept HIM and let HIM be in your Heart, in our Hearts forever. God bless us all!- Resubmission of the images.
Json - 4/27/2013 8:18:59 PM

Keep Calm and TRUST HIM... Great submission, as a matter of fact I've voted this design and I gave 5 if I remember it correctly...But still, in everything we do, do it for His Glory! Just continue believing in Him and everything that is favorable to you will happen in His great and perfect time... ;-)

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Json - 4/27/2013 8:03:09 PM

Hi Mikhail and Shiela! God bless you both! Thank you very much for the support and appreciation...KABABAYAN!?;-) To Bro Jon, kindly double check the data you are referring again. Anyways, thank you again for your time. God bless you, your family and your works more and more and more! ;-)

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Jon - 4/27/2013 12:42:26 PM

This whole things just seems super sketchy to me is all... How is that some of these designs on CT are a million times better than JSON's (No offense man, we're all designers here) and yet have such low scores and not much popularity, yet all 5 shirts by JSON at this point have incredibly high scores and tons of people voting. I've had most of my designs up longer than JSON, yet have half or less the ammount of votes. Sorry, but it seems like someone is playing to WIN, not to glorify God. How can we expect God to pleased with our work for Him if we aren't doing what's right? Just some thoughts.

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shiela - 4/25/2013 8:32:01 PM

i think we should comment on the design and not on the votes Bros :) but still i enjoyed reading this conversation giving me new ideas that i can use on my blogs. God bless you all especially to you Bro Json :) btw, the simplicity of this design maybe reflected on the personality of the artist. simple and mysterious if i'm not mistaken. again, God bless :)

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Mikhail - 4/25/2013 7:11:20 PM

this conversation only proves that this design deserves this plenty of votes. i salute you Bro Json for that. You just showed a true attitude of a Christian individual. Keep inspiring others with your designs and a humble heart. God bless you :)

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Json - 4/24/2013 10:06:41 PM

Hi Bro Charles! Thank you for giving your enough time in criticizing my works. And with regard to the amount of votes you are continuously concerning about, believe it or not I only PM and texted about 20+ of my friends and I'm not even able to post it in my FB account because I was afraid and totally not confident on my works. But through God's help, it happened to be this way, the way I'm not expecting of. I was amazed by the support that was given by my friends and family and those people who'm I didn't know personally but believed in my little capacity in glorifying God. I also uploaded and resubmitted the new image with t-shirt on because I just want for the people who voted me the actual outcome of it. And if you can check it again( for Bro Jon) the number of votes in my first submission is much higher compared to this one. It's not my intention to get a much higher votes or doubled my final score. I just want to grant and satisfied the request of the people who truly believed in me. On the other hand, i just wondering why those Great Artist and with multiple winnings didn't commented just like what you are doing right now. Maybe they are secured and humbled by their works? It just simple brothers, if you don't like someone's creation then comment and criticize it on the works itself in order to improve it not on anything else. We have one goal here and it simple, to Glorify him by our own hands and hearts not only by our mind. Again thank you for your time and advise. GOD BLESS!!! ;-)

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Json - 4/24/2013 9:41:20 PM

Hi Charles! Thank you for giving your entime in criticizing my works. And with regard to the amount of votes you are continuously concerning about, believe it or not I only PM and texted about 20+ of my friends and I'm not even able to post it in my FB account because I

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Empty Vessel - 4/24/2013 4:03:10 PM

Just iron sharpening iron bro. It may cause heat, friction, etc, but the outcome is a sharper, more usable weapon! All I'm saying is, don't just try to get high votes wanting to get a shirt printed, cause again Canvas doesn't print just because you have high scores, but dig in deep into the design world and produce AMAZING designs that glorify God and that you can see people actually wearing. This, your fish, or that stop light shirt, they're all way to busy and all over the place, and again, people won't wear them. Lastly, never wanting to be discouraging (though my speech seems otherwise), just don't want you to continue down the road that myself and other "new" designers have gone down.

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Empty Vessel - 4/24/2013 4:00:11 PM

If you're not about the "callyourfriends" deal, why is it that you have double the amount of votes than everyone else on this site, especially those veterans who have multiple wins? Also, Canvas won't print a shirt just because it has high scores.

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Rowel - 4/23/2013 12:14:56 AM

I like these conversations bros. I admit, I was once a victim of this so called "callyourfriends" technique. As a new artist, I believe I have much more to learn .Thank you for the great artists as mentioned by Charles. Now on, the callyourfriends syndrome is out of my world . I am just happy that through Canvas, I can glorify our Great God through arts. God bless us more esp our talents.

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Jon - 4/22/2013 7:14:12 PM

I have to agree with Charles on this one. I love the fact that CT allows people to use their God-given talents and abilities to create QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL graphics to print on shirts. The main purpose of printing and selling Christian shirts is to first magnify and glorify the Name of Christ and lift Him up above ourselves. When we go out of our way to get extra votes either by way word-of-mouth, or creating extra accounts, or anythign else... JUST to get votes, we have then defeated the purpose of CT and C28. Your first upload of this design didn't get the votes you were looking for, so you uploaded a second and told everybody to vote for it. You have so much potential of being a great designer, but you need to learn how to get to that point. You need to know WHY you're designing the shirts you do. If God wants you to win these contests, He will give you the designs and the know-how to get there. Do it to HIS glory!

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Empty Vessel - 4/22/2013 3:22:39 PM

I hear what you're saying bro. But again, sharing with friends and family and telling them to vote high is a bad combination. BTW, Canvas approves for voting anything anyone puts through (read past forums on this). Just because Canvas puts designs through for voting is showing that you might have a chance to win. If you win, more glory to God and that's cool, but talking with Canvas myself a couple of times, they have certain looks that they go for; this isn't one of them. Not trying to be discouraging at all, all I'm saying is don't just throw some art on a canvas and submit it hoping it'll win. The design of this shirt is saying that you have Jesus inside of you; not really pointing to John 10:9. The design isn't portraying what you're trying to portray. Also, you being a loyal C28 customer, you should know the type of "look" C28 goes for. All in all, continue to desire to glorify God with your designs and they'll get better and better!

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Json - 4/21/2013 8:05:04 AM

Hi Charles! Thank you for your honest opinion and I respect and really appreciate it. And to tell you honestly, at first it's my goal to win. Maybe it is also one of your reasons why you are part of this community. However, submitting and sharing my own creation now is not only just for winning but also giving so much inspiration and impact to the lives of other people through God's word. This is because of the kind of support I am receiving as of the moment. And I just came to realize that somehow, God is telling me that this is His own little way in order for me to tell and share Him to all of my friends, family and other people as a newly Christian individual. Yes maybe it won't sell because of its simplicity and plain concept but everything, everyone has a potential, who knows...only God knows. Maybe you see it as an ordinary one for you but for some its not. That's why there is voting procedure being set. Just for me simplicity, significance, content, the dedication and passion to do one creation are the most important than anything else. And offering all of these works to Him is the best character... But since it was approved by the Canvas Team it's also up to them if they will print and sell it on-line if in case it wins. No hard feelings or any regrets on my part if they don't, believe me. Because I'm proud and I will continuously say that I'm one of C28 loyal customers no matter what happens. But if they do so, thank you Canvas Team, thank God because they/ He has given me the opportunity and courage to tell and share who He is, our Great Creator- Jesus Christ through this kind of ministry. Again thank you Canvas Team for believing in my work/s and for giving me the chance to be part of the community. God bless more and more! God bless us all!;-)

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Empty Vessel - 4/20/2013 6:49:41 PM

Okay, I'll comment. It's very evident that you had a lot of your family and friends create accounts to vote on this. 102 votes? No one on Canvas has had that many for a long time now. With more people coming back to Canvas, the average amount of votes for shirts that have been voted on for a few weeks is anywhere between 30-50. It seems that you just want this design to win just to win. Honestly, if you saw this shirt at a store (along with many of c28 shirts) would you buy it? Maybe you'll say "yes" because it's your design, but this type of design won't sell. Having a score of 4.2 with 102 votes shows that you had a lot of friends/family create accounts just to vote high on your shirt. I started off the same way, just throwing designs together and submitting them with a hope that they'll win cause, hey, who wouldn't want their shirts sold through the most popular christian company? But through the growth and grace of the core members of this site, I've come to realize and desire to give my best to God through designing. I thank God for the critique section and those veterans that give their good critiques (Corey, Jacob, Zack, Troy, just to name a few). So I encourage you on this, learn the art of designing (something I'm still doing), occupy the critique forum and take those critiques to better your designs. Because, truthfully, your designs so far is something I would see in the $1-$3-$5 bin in some bunko town's Christian store in the middle of Idaho. Not to be funny or harsh, but that's how I see them. That's exactly how I would see my first designs (look at them on my profile, but also look at them getting better because of the feedback I receive). Even with all of that, welcome to Canvas and make this shirt designing business a means to the end (the end which is glorifying God), not just an end in itself of just making shirts.

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