Never Too late

By: Zack J Krzyzanski

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It's never too late to return to the Lord. No matter the decisions we have made, or the secrets we keep, the Lord will always accept us and forgive us for our sins.
Zack J Krzyzanski - 3/18/2013 1:33:42 PM

Haha, thanks guys. Personally, I was never completely sold on this item myself. To me, it represents my lack of experience. I designed it long ago, while still developing my own style, and was never happy with it. I finally decided to touch it up (Was a complete grungy mess before) and see what happens. As for what it stands for...Obviously its centered around the Stormtrooper(TM) (haha) who is repenting, and returning to the path of righteousness. He is praying at the new life growing inside. The swinging child is to further represent life. Life giving birth to life.

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TROY - 3/18/2013 12:51:20 PM

Hey, Zack is back!! And that's just an awesome thing! You sir, have a style all your own and really display your talents well. On this piece, I have to totally agree with David. I love the concept of a Trooper turning from "the dark side." Who wouldn't go for that... especially in this Canvas/Star Wars parody market? But, like David, I've got to say that it's a huge risk, a risk that I hope never comes back to bite the individual artists. In it's weirdness, it has it's own appeal. It's like a dream within a dream of a Star Wars theme! Hmmm... yeah, that's it.

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DavidGaddy - 3/18/2013 12:20:35 PM

Ok... This is just so out there I can't help but love it. :) It really seems random to me. I don't really get the Star Wars tie-in. The little girl on the swing? Tree growing out of the helmet? And although I know you've done well with Star Wars imagery before, I still think it is a terribly risky idea to use licensed Lucasfilm characters in the design. All that said, it is a beautiful but weird piece of art and I love it.

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