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"All Scripture is God-breathed," and Jesus says in Matthew 4:4 that "'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"
ElmntJ - 1/20/2011 12:53:19 AM

Thanks Emilie

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D - 1/4/2011 6:04:32 PM

Jeremie, o.k. now I know the style of this design. That's soooo cool too what you named it. My grandparents used to live in East Los Angeles several years ago. I'm so serious. Thanks for your reply. :)

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Emilie - 1/4/2011 3:36:09 PM

This looks amazing. Love the artwork! 5/5

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ElmntJ - 1/4/2011 12:54:33 PM

Thanks D! We'll call this style 'Digital East L.A.' A mix of tattoo and graffiti art, just like you said. I'm thankful that you like it.

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D - 1/3/2011 10:00:05 PM

coolness! this is a not-seen-often-at-Canvas kind of design! What is that style, tattoo or graffiti or a combination of both? It's pretty cool and gets noticed.

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ElmntJ - 1/3/2011 9:58:05 PM

Thanks MK! Those are definitely Hydro74 fonts, and I just realized that they are both from him. The finger font started out differently, but was too hard to read. The hands are hand-drawn, with inspiration from Christopher Lovell and godmachine. Thanks again!

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mkdesign - 1/3/2011 7:02:25 PM

SICK. I think you used some Hydro74 fonts, and I can't get enough of those! Wish I had thought of this! If you hand-drew the fists, extra kudos! ;)

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