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By: Empty Vessel

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Sorry guys, I like it across the entire shirt! I definitely appreciate the critiques though (and you know I truly do) Double meaning - Duct tape is known to "fix everything"; broken? Use duct tape! And of course the coming to the cross of Christ and accepting Him "fixes everything" (it's in quotes because just because we come to Christ doesn't mean everything will be perfect, but He truly fixes everything!) The duct tape cross is real duct tape. Happy voting!
TROY - 8/28/2013 1:18:57 PM

I think this is your best submission yet. Love the simplicity. Love the distress. Great placement. You nailed it with this cross! ;) 5 for me!

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Aaron - 8/24/2013 10:02:18 AM

I guess I like yours better, but is that where you got the idea from?

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Aaron - 8/24/2013 9:59:56 AM

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Empty Vessel - 8/23/2013 9:55:14 AM

Thanks guys! Praise God!

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Ember - 8/23/2013 9:12:34 AM

I like the placement of the cross and the text. I would totally wear this. :)

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andrewgupta - 8/23/2013 7:13:51 AM

great job!!

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CreativeSoulXoXo - 8/22/2013 11:46:04 PM

I like it. Cool concept.

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