All 4 his Glory

By: Richard

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Just working on a sketchy style, havent got any big concept 4 this one, just a cool design that is all 4 his glory.
mataboy - 9/2/2013 12:15:13 AM

Nice work.. God Bless

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TROY - 8/20/2013 8:03:12 PM

Nice! I'm liking the look.

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Sevenlives - 8/17/2013 8:17:05 PM

Yup yup LOVE!

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Graphic Stiles - 8/16/2013 6:56:58 AM

Definitely diggin' this Rich, I'd be seen in it...

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Uncle Jimmy - 8/15/2013 9:44:29 AM

And Cool it IS!

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