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Revived V2 - based on: (circle); AND ("VA Box")
TROY - 7/8/2013 10:06:22 PM

Kolton, I have to agree with Corey as well. I know you're going for a parody here with the design, but I think it would look better without the circle/corners. The rectangle stretched a bit more to give the "breathing room" that is needed and bumped up would look good. Maybe a verse reference at the lower right of the rectangle? Just a thought.

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Ethan Harvey - 7/7/2013 1:34:04 PM

I agree with corey.

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- 7/5/2013 2:36:23 PM

you'll hate me for saying this, but same comment as the other one. give the elements room to breathe. for example, the edges of the cross shouldn't be touching the edges of the box it's in. it should have equal space surrounding all 4 sides. same with the "rvivd" text. the space on the right of the d is tighter than the rest. use grids and stick to them and you'll find the everything will look better. i think the letter tracking could be widened as well. keep plugging away.

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