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Shirt inspired by RVCA.. sort of a "half parody" in the sense that I incorporated RVCA elements (such as text and circles) but added some others.
Aaron - 7/2/2013 1:42:51 PM

I like what you were going for with the shirt. I think it would be even better had you just used the rvca elements. I'd rather look at the shirt and think that it looks trendy or similar to something I've seen, rather than a spin off an rvca shirt.

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- 7/2/2013 11:14:36 AM

a little tip just for future reference: try to give stuff more even space and room to breathe. overall it seems a bit congested. and follow the same rules throughout the whole design. the cross is the only element in the whole design that has a stroke. if you're going to use strokes, set up a hierarchy where maybe only the headlines have a stroke, or only the really important elements have the stroke, etc. as this stands, the stroke on the cross is unnecessary given the clean nature of the whole piece and in general, that rvca vibe.

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- 7/2/2013 10:56:23 AM

that va logo hidden in "revival" is too close for comfort. it's the rvca logo.

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