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By: Kolton

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Another 3D design, but this time dropping the graphic and adding a futuristic, grunge look.
TROY - 4/29/2013 10:28:36 AM

Kolton, I agree with Aaron... you've got an eye for this stuff! Also, Corey makes a strong point on the texture.

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- 4/26/2013 2:36:53 PM

texture isn't working on this one. the 3d vibe is thrown off by the texture because the texture doesn't follow the depth of the 3d. makes it look flat. if you're going to texture something like this, make the texture about the print of the shirt. as if it was a clean print, but has been washed and distressed over time. does that make sense?

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DavidGaddy - 4/26/2013 10:50:45 AM

My personal favorite of all the Water for Life submissions so far! Good job Kolton

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Kolton - 4/26/2013 10:35:35 AM

Thanks Peak!

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Peak - 4/26/2013 8:30:15 AM are CRANKING these water for life designs out. And they're all very different looks. They all look great. You have an excellent eye for design and detail. Keep it up Kolton.

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